Aviation classes

Interested in learning more about aviation?
Try our aviation classes.

You can either create your own event with the classes of your choice or book a class during an event.
You will be trained by a Rafale Navy instructor, former leader of the Rafale Navy Tactical Display.

We usually offer 5 different classes per day during events:

– Fly a Jet or a warbird.
Learn all the basics to be able to fly the jet or warbird of your choice.

– Quick Reaction Alert mission.
Learn how fighter pilots protect our sky and intercept unidentified aircraft, and do it yourself!

– Dogfighting
Learn how to master the art of dogfighting

– Airshow display from the cockpit
What do airshow pilots focus on? How do they prepare for an airshow? Let “Até” talk you through his Yeovilton 2017 twin rafale Navy display, and give it a try!

– Landing on an aircraft carrier
Learn the theory then try it yourself!

Each class involves 30 minutes of briefing by “Até”, then 30 minutes of flying in our Virtual Reality Simulators.

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Early birds discounts available on bookings before the events.

Private classes are also available.

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