Corporate training

At Mach 3 Management we deliver to your meeting room or corporate training day a unique experience.

Let’s talk about your needs, in naval aviation we are experts in adaptability.

We will create a unique training session and make your team supersonic.


If you want an example look at our “corporate package”:

For a team of 14 during 4 hours:

We will create 2 teams of 7, team 1 & team 2.

You will have :

  • 3 mock simulators and ejection seats.
  • 3 VR positions for navigators (or extra pilots with joysticks) seating on regular chairs.
  • 1 Combat controller post in front of a fixed screen (or I can arrange an extra navigator seating in a regular chair, up to the team to decide)

Two activities :

A) Reconnaissance mission from A to Z

B) Dogfight contest

We ask a couple aviation related questions to each team, the team with the best score will choose which activity to start with.

A)Reconnaissance mission from A to Z

Coached by a fighter pilot you will go through our proven brainstorming, preparation, briefing, conduct and debriefing methods.

The mission will last about 25 minutes and you will have to enter into enemy territory to gather intelligence on enemy troops, while being shot at by AAA and chased by enemy jets.

You will soon discover why preparation is key… The debriefing will explain the methods used in the fighter community that enable everyone to progress every single day and strive for excellence.

Good luck, the other team will try to do better than you…

B) Dogfight contest

After a 10 minute briefing on dogfighting and a 5 minute “discovery” of the L39 and it’s heat seeking missiles and flares (or spitfire and guns…),  pilots will fight each other in a tournament.

Backseats available for an extra pair of eyes & teamwork inside the crew.

We will have a tournament format that will enable everyone to fight for the title. And remember : “loose sight, loose the fight!”


Example if Team 1 starts with the mission.



At the end of the session you will have a small briefing on what the combat operations are like from a naval aviator point of view.


We will have 4 staff members.

  • 2 fighter pilots
  • 2 staff to run the tech


  • If the event is in the morning we would like to be able to setup the afternoon before. Simulators would then be available for fun/adaptation toward the end of the afternoon until the hour of your choice.
  • We would need 3 meeting rooms if possible, we could do with a minimum of 2. ( One 25 sq meter one minimum would be great)
  • The simulators are 1.2m wide so we’ll need a double door access. If not possible we can deliver the training with the ejection seats only.
  • A wifi connection would be appreciated, otherwise phone reception is important to connect our software to the internet.
  • Two electrical sockets would be ideal.
  • A lift to access the meeting room would also be ideal.


  • Nametags created for the event (flight suits will be available to be worn during the dogfights)
  • We will have several trophies. One for the best recce team. One for the best dogfighter. And no “there is no points for second place”
  • A USB key with a mix of all the best “action scenes”
  • Printed & digital photos of yourselves in the simulators

Contact us to start creating your next training day!

“Nothing makes a man more aware of his capabilities and of his limitations than those moments when he must push aside all the familiar defenses of ego and vanity, and accept reality by staring, with the fear that is normal to a man in combat, into the face of Death.” –Major Robert S. Johnson, USAF

Missing man over Omaha Beach, Normandy