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Beyond the cockpit: followership meets leadership


  TedX Toulouse, April 6th. “Au-dela du cockpit”


When two pilots close at 3000km/h at 50.000 feet above the ground before pulling 10gs there is simply no room for error or inefficiency.

To survive and be efficient in combat fighter pilots have to make the most out of every single mission, every day of their career.

Pilots learn from their mistakes and constantly strive for perfection, they know that they will make errors and find ways to mitigate them, by working as a TEAM.

Fighter pilots not only fly jets, they also are in charge of ground personnel and run a squadron with more than a billion worth of equipment.

Debriefing technics and culture, error management, alignment to the objectives, followership and leadership philosophy…

Learn from the latest methods and techniques used in aviation, adapted to the business world, or tailored to your industry.

TedX Toulouse 6 avril 2019 SIMPLICITÉ COMPLEXITÉ PERPLEXITÉ Théâtre de la Cité


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